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Metering concentrated brine solution

A Canadian chemical company is using  model D-35 and F-20 Hydra-Cell pumps and the Hydra-Cell C-24 pressure regulating valve to meter concentrated brine solution in a proprietary process.  The brine solution is chemically aggressive – too corrosive for common grades of stainless steel, while pumping pressure and temperature are too high to allow use of  plastic-headed pumps.  Hastelloy® metallurgy is therefore used throughout the system.

The brine solution contains:

0-100 g/1 Sodium Sulfate (Na2S04)
0-100 ppm Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3)
0-10 g/1 Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3) pH range from 3-10

Seal-less design and a wide range of material options enable  Hydra-Cell pumps to work reliably and durably – easily matching the long duty cycles required on this process. The quiet operation of the pump is also greatly appreciated here, as the installation is in a lab environment.

Hydra-Cell’s Canadian distributor has worked closely with this customer for some time, and reports a steady increase in the use of Hydra-Cell pumps throughout the facility.

Model:  D-35, F-20
Flow: 250 cfh  (7m3/hr)
Pressure:  600 psi (41 bar)


Brine Solution,