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Non-Lubricating Liquids


The Hydra-Cell is able to handle non-lubricating liquids or even run dry due to its seal-less design, giving it better performance pumping non-lubricating liquids than its competitors. 

To lubricate the seal faces, pumps with dynamic seals rely on the liquid being pumped. This feature is common to pump types such as gear, screw, progressing cavity, sliding vane and piston. Being able to run dry is not possible for these designs.

But many liquids, such as burner fuels, solvents and cleaning chemicals are thin and offer poor lubrication or none at all. Pumping them with a seal-reliant pump can mean frequent stops for maintenance and service to avoid premature wear. High liquid temperatures and operating pressures accelerate the wear process.  

Seal wear from non-lubricating liquids or running dry is industry’s most common cause of reduced pump performance and early failure. This can be avoided with a seal-less design. The Hydra-Cell seal-less pump eliminates this risk. The non-lubricating properties of the liquid do not affect the pump. Seal-less design is also one of the reasons why Hydra-Cells can run dry without damage.

See below for application examples from information supplied by customers.


The Hydra-Cell Advantage

  • Seal-less design, with no dynamic seals, cups or packings
  • Wide choice of materials for wetted parts
  • Reliable handling of hot liquids
  • Reliable handling of thin, non-lubricants
  • High-pressure capability
  • Virtually pulseless flow for accurate and smooth liquid delivery (view video)