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Ceramic filter press

A company producing advanced technical ceramics in the manufacture of tubes and rods, crucibles, and lab-ware contacted the Hydra-Cell pump distributor for western Pennsylvania - for help on a difficult application.  The ceramics company was considering a hydraulic membrane pump and exploring other options.  The application called for 5 - 8 gpm at 300 psi (19 - 30 l/min at 22 bar) pumping 99% ceramic slurry to a filter press working at 235 - 250 psi (16 - 17 bar).

The slurry is pumped into the press, removing liquid and forming a paste or cake which is then extruded, forming the components that the company produces.  Pulsations would lower the quality of the cake.  Reviewing the application data, the distributor recommended a Hydra-Cell H-25 pump for feeding the filter press.  The pump would be fitted with a 5hp (3.7 kW) motor with VFD drive to control speed.  This would allow speed to be increased to compensate when the extremely abrasive product began to have an effect on pump flow and pressure.

Having pumped ceramic at other similar locations, the distributor was aware that a pump with ceramic valves and seats occasionally did not hold up at higher pressures.  So tungsten carbide was chosen for valves and seats, and for the C-62 Hydra-Cell pressure regulating valve.  The pump head is in 316 SS, the material requested by the customer to prevent discoloration of the product.

The pump runs on intermittent duty 6 times a week, 2+ hours per cycle.  In 12 months service following its installation in June 2008, zero downtime had been reported.

Model: H-25
Flow: Variable to 8 gpm (30 l/min)
Pressure: Up to 300 psi (22 bar)


Ceramic Slurry,