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Tank cleaning with recycled solvent

Recycling a tank-cleaning liquid can save both chemical cost and waste disposal cost – but the reclaimed liquid is not always easy to pump.

A UK screen-printing ink manufacturer had relied on piston-type pumps to handle the recycled solvent used in its system for cleaning mixing vessels.  But when the company installed a more efficient system these pumps were unable to handle the higher pressures required.  Seal leakage became a serious problem.

It was solved by replacing the piston pump with a Hydra-Cell.  With its seal-less design and ability to handle abrasive solvents and solid particles, the Hydra-Cell pump has no trouble delivering recycled solvent to the rotating spray head at the required 50 bar pressure.

At that level the pump is working well within its pressure range.  Uniform cleaning impact is ensured by the pump’s low pulsation and smooth delivery.  The customer also noted that the Hydra-Cell was much quieter than the original pumps, so there was no need for sound proofing.  Another important saving was in maintenance.  Requirements were minimal, whereas the leaking piston pumps needed frequent attention.

Model: G-35
Flow: 57 l/min (15 gpm)
Pressure: 15 bar + (210 psi +)


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