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Spray drying is a process used in many different industries for the production of powders. The liquids pumped at high pressure in spray drying are as varied as the products produced. They may be corrosive, abrasive, non-lubricating or have other attributes that can create seal wear and maintenance issues for piston pumps and other types of pump with dynamic seals. This is not the case with Hydra-Cell spray drying pumps.

Hydra-Cell’s seal-less pump design eliminates seal maintenance. The spray drying pump has no difficulty handling aggressive or thin liquids, or liquids with particles. The Hydra-Cell’s multiple-diaphragm head pump design enables it to deliver the smooth, virtually pulse-free high pressure flow that the spray drying application requires. A wide choice of materials for spray drying pumping means that material selection can be optimised for the process, and because its design is flexible, the same Hydra-Cell pump can be optimised for a quite different pumped liquid simply by changing the materials of the liquid end.

The Hydra-Cell spray drying pump can operate efficiently from very low speeds up to 1000 rpm and 1450 rpm, dependent on model.

Overall, the Hydra-Cell is a compact, cost efficient pump ideal for spray drying.

See below for application examples from information supplied by customers.


The Hydra-Cell Advantage

  • Elimination of seal maintenance
  • Virtually pulseless flow giving a smooth delivery to spray nozzles to achieve smooth predictable spray patterns
  • Wide selection of liquid end materials for chemical and abrasive particle compatibility
  • True positive displacement pump action giving a constant flow rate independent of discharge
  • No loss of pressure during life as no seals to wear and leak