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Ethylene glycol - a versatile industrial fluid

Ethylene glycol is typically thought of as the coolant or anti-freeze we put in our cars.  But it is very versatile and also has wide applications in industry.  Many are at very high or very low temperatures – where the liquids pumped contain contaminants.  Manufacture of anti-freeze, product packaging, material reclamation and recycling are all areas where Hydra-Cell pumps have been beneficial to the process.  Truck-mounted H-25 pumps are used for pumping out reclaimed ethylene glycol from auto service centers.  With their seal-less design Hydra-Cell pumps handle the reclaimed fluid well, despite the presence of oils, gasoline and grit.

Ethylene glycol has an important role in coal-burning power plants for controlling dust.  In many plants, coal handling belts that run continuously are sprayed with ethylene glycol solution, suppressing the dust and lubricating the belts - which helps keep the lumps of coal from sticking to the belt and to each other.  In winter this is specially important as the raw coal contains moisture.  This is one of many situations where Hydra-Cell pumps operate continuously in a hostile environment.

Low temperature de-icing is another application where the Hydra-Cell pumps perform well.  In laboratory testing, they have pumped ethylene glycol down to -35°C (-31°F).  Performance at low temperatures is critical to various aircraft support services that depend on these pumps to spray propylene glycol (and polypropylene glycol) as de-icing fluid onto aircraft and outdoor equipment.

Pumping applications for ethylene glycol, one of the chemicals produced in the highest volumes, occur in many industries.  Other Hydra-Cell installations for this liquid include: asphalt-emulsion, cosmetics, heat-exchangers, printing inks, adhesives, and textile production.  The Hydra-Cell pump has often been the replacement for piston pumps where they have been found to be noisy, unable to run dry or handle particulates.

Pump components for pumping ethylene glycol: cast iron or brass heads with Buna N-XS elastomers, HT stainless steel check valve components and Kynar spring retainers.


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