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Cleaning turkey barns with ozonated water

In order to clean and sanitize turkey barns, one customer using pressure wash equipment equipped with a Hydra-Cell D-10 found that many bacteria were surviving the process.  The bacteria were simply being pushed around - even when caustic chemical was added to the wash water.  Live bacteria were even being transferred from one barn to the next.

Building his own wash system, the customer utilized an ozone generator to add ozone into a 40 gallon (150 litre) tank through a Venturi nozzle.  This tank water is continuously recirculated at 15 psi (1 bar) through the generator, using a small centrifugal pump.  Ozone, an unstable form of oxygen, is an extremely aggressive oxidizing agent.  It must be produced on site as it is too expensive to bottle and ship.  As a powerful oxidizer, ozonated water disinfects by exploding on the bacteria to completely kill it.  Part-for-part as a disinfectant, ozone is 1000 times stronger than chlorine.  The presence of ozone in the water eliminates the need for costly soaps and caustics.  Ozone's reversal back to oxygen does not leave residue or film. Ozonated water mimics soft water to rinse cleanly and thoroughly.

Model: D-10
Flow: 3 gpm (8.6 l/m) 
Pressure: 400 psi (28 bar) 



Ozonated Water,