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Hydra-Cell multi-diaphragm pumps can reliably transfer any liquid, hot or cold, thick or thin, at low or high pressure, at flow rates up to 10m³/hr. Multiple pump installations are common to achieve higher transfer flow rates at an effective cost, especially in higher pressure pumping applications. In transferring corrosive, abrasive or non-lubricating liquids even at low pressure, the Hydra-Cell transfer pump can give significant maintenance and service cost savings compared with alternative pumps – such as screw, progressing cavity, and centrifugal pumps – when used on the same duties. The Hydra-Cell is an energy-efficient pump and power savings can be considerable even in low pressure systems when replacing less efficient types for liquid transfer such as AOD pumps.

In transfer applications such as emptying totes and drums, there is always a presumed risk that the vessel could run dry. This is not a problem for a Hydra-Cell, which can run dry indefinitely without damage. Many pumps used for liquid transfer will suffer damage if they continue pumping when liquid supply fails at the inlet.  Progressing cavity pumps, for example, need monitoring and control equipment to make sure the pump does not run dry.

While many liquid transfer systems operate at low pressures, some require higher pressures – for example, where the transfer is over distance or directly into a process line. Hydra-Cell pumps can deliver the transfer liquid at the higher pressure with no complications, minimising undesirable heat input.

The low shear pumping action and the fact that minimal heat energy is transmitted to the pumped liquid means that the Hydra-Cell pump can be used for transferring shear sensitive liquids and liquids which flocculate when heated.

See below for application examples from information supplied by customers.


The Hydra Cell Advantage

  • Elimination of seal maintenance
  • Low shear pumping action
  • No dynamic seals to be damaged by non-lubricating and hot liquids
  • No high speed rotating parts with dynamic seals in process liquid
  • Minimal filtration requirements to protect the pump saving filtration costs and maintenance
  • Wide selection of liquid end materials for chemical and abrasive particle compatibility
  • Handles corrosive, abrasive and non-lubricating chemicals reliably
  • Can run dry indefinitely!