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Pumping harsh liquids at 120ºc

Their seal-less design enables Wanner’s Hydra-Cell pumps to handle virtually any liquid over a wide range of pressures, from very low pressure up to 70 bar (1015 psi) and beyond.  Some models are rated as high as 170 bar (2465 psi).  Compatible fluids include viscous materials, thin non-lubricating liquids, acid or alkaline chemical solutions, and recycled liquids carrying abrasive particles.

But another feature of the design, in which the pumped medium is isolated from the drive mechanism and 100% contained within the wetted end of the pump, is that the pump also works well with hot liquids.  A combination of heat and seal wear can spell trouble for pumps reliant on dynamic seals.

In the Hydra-Cell design, there are no seals to wear and heat is not a factor unless the temperature of the process liquid is exceptionally high.  For some of these installations Wanner recommends the fitting of an oil cooler to hold the viscosity of lubricant in the drive end of the pump within prescribed limits.  A new range of oil coolers purpose-matched for use with Hydra-Cell pumps is now offered by the company – enabling the pumps to handle process liquids at temperatures up to 120ºC (248°F).

The new cooler is of the air blast type, with built-in circulating gear pump and oil filter.  It gives excellent cooling efficiency, maintaining lubricant at correct viscosity and in good condition.

Hydra-Cell Oil Coolers meet EU conformity standards and are CE marked.  The units are offered in two versions – for single or three-phase electrical supply.  Their introduction will simplify sourcing for customers concerned with high temperature pumping applications.


Acids, Alkaline Chemicals, Hot Liquids, Liquids Containing Abrasive Solids, Thin Non-Lubricants, Viscous Liquids,