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Transferring chlorinated water

If they are to give long service life on continuous duty, pumping systems for chlorinated water need careful design and sound pump selection.

For one US water treatment plant, where treated water must be transferred to storage tanks from large chlorinators, the pump distributor recommended the Hydra-Cell D-10 pump and also designed a system that would complement the known reliability of the pump.

Produced well water is diverted through the chlorinator where pure chlorine gas is bubbled through the water.  Chlorine dosage is 15-20 lbs/day (6.8-9 kg/day).  The amount of chlorine that is allowed to absorb into the water is strictly controlled, but the process agitates the water and as it leaves the chlorinator it carries entrained air.  To allow the water to ‘calm down’ before entering the pump, the distributor interposed a plastic tank complete with corrosion-resistant float switch and overflow.

The first pump installed in this way has run on continuous 24/7 duty  for more than 6 years.

Pump Model:  D-10 Pump
Flow rate:  8 gpm (30 l/min)
Pressure:  400 psi (28 bar)


Chlorinated Water,