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Pump Design


Pump Build Animation

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T-Series Animation

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No dynamic seals, cups or packing

Multi-diaphragm design

True positive displacement

Wide choice of liquid end materials

Heavy-duty construction



Eliminates seal maintenance and lowers maintenance costs
Runs dry without damage
Pumps aggresive, corrosive, non-lubricating liquids
Pumps liquids with abrasive particles
Low life cycle costs

Compact, saving: space, maintenance costs, aquisition costs, best-in-class life cycle costs
No need for pulsation dampeners in most applications

High efficiency (>85%) saves energy
Excellent metering and dosing performance
Better than API675 for repeatablility, linearity and steady state accuracy

Versatile - can pump extensive range of liquids
Flexible - can adapt to wide range of duties

Long life in the toughest 24/7 duties