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When abrasive slurries are pumped at high pressure, rapid pump wear is sometimes regarded as inevitable, but as the Hydra-Cell design is not reliant on seals to protect key components, the most vulnerable points of attack in pumping ceramics are eliminated. Hydra-Cells are available in a range of resistant materials, which make them ideal pumps for the ceramics industry. Operating pressures can be as high as 70 bar.

The Hydra-Cell is very different from the AOD type of pump, which is a commonly used pump for the ceramics industry for spraying glazes, coatings and ceramic mixes. Important advantages of the Hydra-Cell pump include: a unique check valve design, significantly reducing maintenance costs; higher efficiency, enabling a saving in energy cost by as much as 85%; a multiple-diaphragm pump head, producing virtually pulseless flow – thereby giving more control over coating thickness, improving product quality and making more efficient use of materials.

Hydra-Cell pump process applications in the ceramics industry include production of tiles, ceramic components and spray drying of granules used in the moulding of tableware.



  • Spray coating
  • Pressure cleaning