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Chemical and Petrochemical


Process Pumps for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry


Reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs

Our priority is to help customers run safe, efficient and cost-effective pumping processes. Wanner™ Hydra-Cell® chemical process pumps are designed to reliably and safely handle solvents, hazardous, corrosives and slurry-laden liquids. We provide solutions that protect operators and the environment, whilst reducing energy consumption and lowering maintenance costs.


Reliably Handling Difficult Liquids

Chemicals can be aggressive, corrosive, abrasive and non-lubricating, all characteristics that make them difficult to pump. Hydra-Cell chemical process pumps can reliably handle corrosive, abrasive liquids, non-lubricating liquids and those containing solids, over a wide range of pressures and temperatures and with the unique check valve arrangement, handles liquids with suspended solids reliably. With no dynamic seals or packing, Hydra-Cell chemical pumps can run dry without damage and require minimal maintenance. 

Hydra-Cell chemical pumps are available with a variety of liquid head materials and are compatible with the widest range of chemical fluids.

In the IChemE Awards 2007 event, the pumps won recognition when Wanner's submission Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions was 'highly commended' by judges for the AMEC Award for Innovation and Excellence.


About Wanner

For over 50 years, we have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying Hydra-Cell seal-less and packing-free chemical transfer, injection, dosing and flow chemistry pumps. Our engineers have built-up an extensive knowledge of chemical applications by getting involved with customers’ processes and understanding their needs and goals; this knowledge and experience is used in ongoing technology development to help new customers meet their process challenges.


Accurate Dosing and with an Extremely Low Pulse Flow

In metering and dosing applications, direct comparison with traditional metering pumps reveals lower costs for acquisition, energy consumption and maintenance, making the Hydra-Cell best in class for Life Cycle Cost. Its compact build, with multiple diaphragms integrated in a single pump head, produces a virtually pulseless flow. Resulting accuracies are better than required by API 675 performance criteria. Often there is no need for pulsation dampeners. The smooth flow also eliminates leaks that could occur in the discharge piping due to pipe strain.  


Hydra-Cell chemical processing pumps

  • Flow Chemistry
  • Metering & dosing
  • Chemical feed pump
  • Liquid transfer
  • Spray drying
  • CIP cleaning
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ultra filtration / Filtration
  • Seal Flushing

Wanner Hydra-Cell seal-less chemical process pumps


Pulsation effect - no pulsation dampeners