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Environmental Control


Environmental Control


Accurate metering and reliabilty are essential in pumping gas conditioning agents used in NOx and SOx control. Hydra-Cell’s seal-less design ensures high reliability in systems spraying abrasive chemicals such as lime slurries and non-lubricating liquids such as urea.

Safe, leak-free transfer of hazardous liquids (recycled solvents, fuels, acids, caustics, radioactive fluids, chemical waste). Seal-less design makes that achievable.

Pressure spraying of water to suppress dust in quarries, mines and waste disposal sites (where odour control may also be needed) requires a robust pump capable of operating in demanding environments. Feed water may contain dust particles. The Hydra-Cell pump can handle liquids with suspended solids, so ensuring high reliabilty.

Humidification is another technique used in many environmental control processes – often in remote, unmanned locations where the reliability of the pump is specially important. The Hydra-Cell design is tolerant of particles in the water and the pump is also able to run dry without damage.

Fire suppression systems, which spray a very fine mist of water to quickly and efficiently suppress fire, must be reliable when required. Hydra-Cell seal-less design means that there are no seals to 'freeze' during the long periods of inactivity these types of systems have to tolerate. Having no dynamic seals sitting in water means that grey water or seawater could be used, saving costs in using drinking-quality water. 



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