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Food and Drink


Food and Drink


Pumps designed to help preserve your process
Hydra-Cell’s very low shear pumping action safeguards the integrity of shear-sensitive oils and other vulnerable ingredients when pumping food and drink process liquids. are available with tri-clamp hygienic connections and with internal parts polished to a mirror finish surface, 0.4 Ra.

Reliably handling corrosive and abrasive liquids
Many other pump technologies have dynamic seals and these are intrinsically vulnerable to abrasive liquids, such as chocolate and sugar solutions and many flavourings. Its seal-less design enables Hydra-Cell to pump reliably handle particulates, corrosives, caustics, hot liquids and abrasives, ensuring no unplanned downtime and reducing lifetime costs. 

High pressure cleaning
The Hydra-Cell design is ideal for pumping hot or cold cleaning and sterilising agents in C.I.P S.I.P. systems and high pressure wash systems for road tankers and storage tanks. In centralised cleaning systems serving independently operating hand-held washdown guns they offer a unique combination of controllability, fast response, sustained performance and low energy usage.



  • Spray drying
  • Coating
  • Transfer of process liquids
  • Mixing, metering & dosing