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Industrial Cleaning


Industrial Cleaning Pumps


Hydra-Cell® ’s high pressure cleaning capability, high and sustainable pumping efficiency, seal-less pump design and ability to handle virtually any industrial cleaning liquid, hot or cold, the Hydra-Cell pump is ideally suited to industrial cleaning and washing pumping applications.

Water is becoming an expensive resource. Those using it for industrial cleaning are looking to optimise their cleaning processes. Options of the Hydra-Cell industrial cleaning pump include:

  1. Increasing liquid pressures from 5–6 bar (73–87 psi) to much higher levels.
  2. Using recycled water, which may contain fine suspended solids.
  3. Using chemicals sprayed at high pressure to achieve cleaning, then recycled to maximise use.
  4. Using hot liquids >800 C to improve cleaning efficiency

The pumping pressures required for industrial cleaning and the liquids in use can make severe demands on the pump. Piston pumps and most other types that can operate at high pressure rely on mechanical seals to separate drive mechanism from the pumped fluid. With these liquids and pressures, the seal-reliant pump is fundamentally susceptible to premature wear in an industrial setting – resulting in expensive repairs, reduced efficiency and wasted energy. This is not the case with a Hydra-Cell.

No dynamic seals means that leakage of cleaning liquid is eliminated contributing better environmental control and health and safety.

Hydra-Cell industrial cleaning pumps have established a reputation for long life, low maintenance cost and universal compatibility when handling cleaning fluids - including reclaimed and recycled liquids.



  • Tanker cleaning
  • CIP systems
  • Lance systems
  • Solvent & chemical cleaning
  • High pressure parts cleaning