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Lawn Care and Agricultural


Lawn Care and Agricultural


The Hydra-Cell pump offers many advantages in agricultural or lawn care pumping applications.

Designed with no dynamic seals and available in resistant materials, Hydra-Cell diaphragm pumps can perform reliably with agricultural chemicals. Many agricultural chemicals are abrasive or corrosive - and may also be difficult to pump by being viscous, or very thin and non-lubricating. The Hydra-Cell’s design eliminates seal maintenance. The Hydra-Cell pump is simple in construction, compact and can run dry without damage - and it is easy to control for accurate metering of concentrate into spray boom systems.

In agricultural or lawn care cleaning applications, having no dynamic seals means that recycled and grey water and other liquids with suspended solids can be pumped without difficulty. Lawn care or agricultural chemical solutions, hot or cold, can be delivered to spray guns at pressures up to 70 bar, or higher.

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  • Spraying
  • Pressure injection