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Mining Quarrying Tunnelling


Mining Quarrying and Tunnelling


Simple build and a design with no dynamic seals give Hydra-Cell pumps big advantages in many mining, quarrying and tunnelling applications.

In mining, quarrying or tunnelling applications, pumps used for drill head cooling and for dust suppression duties above or below ground are themselves likely to be operating in difficult, dusty conditions. Feed water can often contain particles that will damage pumps with dynamic seals, and quickly block fine filters. The seal-less design of the Hydra-Cell pump, which does not need fine filtration, avoids these problems – handling grey water without difficulty. The same design feature enables Hydra-Cell pumps to handle other abrasives used in the mining, quarrying or tunnelling industries – for example the latex solutions sprayed over coal to seal and confine coal dust.

High pressure capability and low pulsation – also basic Hydra-Cell features – make the pumps ideal for seal-flushing, preventing early failure of the high-volume centrifugal pumps that commonly handle slurry and ground water in mines.

Physically compact and energy efficient, using relatively small motors, Hydra-Cell pumps fit readily into mobile mining or quarrying machinery.

See below for application examples from information supplied by customers



  • Drill head cooling
  • Dust suppression
  • Pressure injection
    • Bentonite slips
    • Chemicals
    • Seal flushing

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