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Oil and Gas


API 674 & API675 Seal-less, Packing-free pumps. Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership.


Major global oil and gas companies are significant users of Hydra-Cell pumps in upstream and downstream applications.

Seal-less design allows the pumps to handle liquids of all types from thin non-lubricants to abrasive slurries, chemicals and contaminated mixes. They have a wide operating range and can work continuously at high pressures.

In applications such as pumping TEG for gas drying, transfer and re-injection of produced water, crude transfer and LACT units, well injection of de-icing chemicals and transfer of NGLs, the high efficiency, seal-less pump design reduces maintenance and service costs, reduces energy consumption and helps maximise productivity.

In meeting the special requirements of polymer injection for well stimulation, Hydra-Cell’s very low-shear pumping action ensures the polymers reach their target areas with their vital properties intact.

In metering and dosing applications Hydra-Cell pumps compare favourably with traditional metering pumps in respect of compact design, acquisition cost, energy costs, maintenance costs, life cycle costs, installation space requirement and smooth flow. The Hydra-Cell flow is virtually pulse-free, often eliminating need for pulsation dampeners. Also eliminating leaks on the discharge pipe work due to pipe strain.

The P Series of Hydra-Cell pumps is dedicated to metering and dosing applications. Its flexible design means that with a simple gear box change the same pump can be used for different duties, maximising pump usage.

As a true positive displacement pump, capable of handling high inlet pressures while also maintaining an accurate steady-state flow for the analytical equipment, many Hydra-Cell pumps are used in pipeline sampling applications.

Their wide operating range enables Hydra-Cell pumps to work continuously at high pressures, for tasks such as injection of well and process chemicals and re-injection of produced water.

Smooth, virtually pulse-free flow, combined with metering accuracy and easy control, is ideal in gas drying, FGD, temperature control and other gas conditioning systems.


No Seals. No Packing. No Problem. Lowering total cost of ownership.

Hydra-Cell® seal-less design provides 100% safe containment for even the most aggressive liquids.

  • Transfer
    • Hydrocarbons - Crude oil and NGLs
    • Produced water 
  • Spraying
    • Hot TEG
  • Metering & dosing
    • Well head chemicals
    • Pipe line sampling
    • Amines - gas sweetening
    • Gas odourising
  • Pressure Injection
    • Produced water
    • Polymers
    • Pipe pressure testing
    • Drag reduction chemicals
    • Methanol - de-icing