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Paper and Pulp


Paper and Pulp


High speed paper and engineered wood lines demand reliable and consistent pumping systems.

In duties ranging from paper coating and preparation to high pressure cleaning, wet-end trimming, spraying of glues and waxes and extremely accurate metering (exceeding API 675 standards for metering pumps) the reliability of Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps is well-proven in the paper industries.

The pumps are handling recycled water, abrasive fluids, fluids with solids in suspension, chemicals, non-lubricants and many other difficult liquids. Many of the fluids used are abrasive and react with air to crystallise or harden, which can cause problems with pumps that have mechanical seals. Hydra-Cell's seal-less pump design means that this is not a problem.

High pumping efficiency when compared with multi-stage centrifugal pumps is enabling mills to make significant energy savings on trim cutting, cleaning and other high pressure water applications, while also reducing maintenance and repair costs.

On coating processes, Hydra-Cell’s seal-less design and virtually pulse-less flow, combined with vertically oriented check valves, enable liquids containing suspended particles to be applied consistently and reliably.

The compact design of Hydra-Cell pumps, with multiple diaphragms in a single head, is in striking contrast to the bulk and dimensions of traditional metering pumps of equivalent flow and pressure capability. Saving installation space is not the only benefit. Associated advantages include lower costs of acquisition, energy consumption, maintenance and repair for example pipe repair due to pipe strain often seen with single diaphragm metering pumps.


Independent survey revealed Hydra-Cell as ‘best in class’ for LCC. And its smooth flow can eliminate need for pulsation dampeners. 


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