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Reverse Osmosis


Hydra-Cell® high efficiency, ultra high pressure RO pumps (30-120 bar and above)


High efficiency, ultra high pressure pumps (30-120 bar and above) for seawater and high brackish water desalination, process water conditioning and purification, waste water reduction, solvent/acid recovery and solute concentration.

Hydra-Cell RO pumps are used for producing drinking water, reducing waste stream volumes and concentrating liquids such as fruit juices. The most efficient reverse osmosis systems utilise high pressure pumps to purify or concentrate large volumes of liquids.

On marine vessels and in remote areas of the world, where water comes directly from the ocean, it is essential that the reverse osmosis pump is reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Hydra-Cell reverse osmosis pumps are just that. With no cups, packing or seals, Hydra-Cell RO pumps are ideally suited to deliver smooth, high-pressure seawater to the separation membranes of the reverse osmosis unit.

Without needing fine filtration it can handle liquids with particles. It can run dry indefinitely. Its unique ADPC (Advanced Diaphragm Position Control) technology protects the diaphragms if the inlet to the pump is blocked or accidentally closed.

Energy costs, a serious problem with many pumps on continuous duty, are held down by the high efficiency and low horsepower requirement of the Hydra-Cell pump.

Most of these features are equally relevant in the many industrial RO and Ultrafiltration systems where Hydra-Cell pumps are used in process water recovery and in the treatment of liquid waste. With a wide range of materials of construction performance and cost can be maximised. Materials used in the process pump head can be upgraded making the Hydra-Cell pump very adaptable.

Seal-less design marks out the Hydra-Cell from other RO pumps and is the basis of its long service life - many of the liquids pumped in waste streams are harmful to pump seals. The Hydra-Cell is tolerant of small solids, resistant to chemical and corrosive attack.

The absence of dynamic seals, combined with a wide choice of liquid end materials, means that a cost effective solution can be found for a wider range of duties, for example: for high TDS bore hole water up to 25-30 KTDs, a brass liquid head has proven reliable; for an HCI acid recovery system Hastelloy pump heads were required.


Unique, seal-less design delivering real cost reductions


  • Sea water
  • High TDS borehole water
  • Filtration processes in pharmaceutical and personal care
  • Waste stream treatment, process water and solvent recovery
  • Concentration processes in food processes