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Steam Generation


Steam Generation


Water is a poor seal lubricant and at temperatures of 90ºC is 64 times more corrosive than at 20ºC. With no dynamic seals, the Hydra-Cell® seal-less design eliminates seal maintenance when handling aggressive and corrosive liquids for pressure injection of hot water.

The steam demand in an industrial process can vary from 5% to 100%, the demand for feeding the steam generators also alters over the same range. To ensure the most economical process, the hot water feed pump must be able to deliver the exact amount of hot feed water when the steam generator needs it. The Hydra-Cell pump is a true positive displacement pump with flow rate directly proportional to pump rpm, independent of pressure. The pump has the ability to run from 0 to maximum rpm under full discharge pressure, enabling the flow rate to be controlled to deliver exactly what is needed optimising energy usage.

Oxygen scavenging treatment chemicals are often injected into a high pressure steam lines. The Hydra-Cell dosing pumps No pulse flow doses chemicals accurately avoiding pipe strain. These phosphate solutions can crystalise, the unique valves of the Hydra-cell pump can handle these crystals reliably that often give issue for traditional dosing pumps with ball valves.

Hydra-Cell pumps - efficient, reliable steam generation systems.



  • Pressure injection of hot water
  • Metering & dosing of treatment chemicals