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Hydra-Cell® Intelligent Pump for High Pressure Cleaning

With ultimate controllability for lower lifecycle costs and environmental responsibility.


Hydra-Cell’s Intelligent Pump (patent pending) is a highly reliable, energy-efficient, high-pressure cleaning pump with a unique seal-less design and ultimate controllability that delivers real cost reductions.

Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump advantages

  • Delivers only the correct amount of liquid without bypass
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces noise
  • Reliably handles recycled and grey water

Easy installation and trouble-free operation

  • No operator programming needed
  • Minimal service and maintenance for lowest cost of ownership
  • Minimises abrasive wear when using recycled or grey water
  • Reliably handles a variety of chemicals – including liquids with solids and hot cleaning liquids up to 120°C
  • Compact unit

Environmental and health and safety  

  • No leaks
  • No spills

Hydra-Cell's seal-less design with its leak-free pumping chamber ensures liquids are 100% sealed from the atmosphere, with no leak paths for vapours to escape, operators are fully protected when using potentially harmful toxic liquids or chemicals.

With 100% containment of the processing liquid, complete safety is assured for operators with slip hazards completely eliminated.

Energy and environmental efficiencies and savings

The Hydra-Cell’s Intelligent Pump delivers only the correct amount of liquid and enables the use of multiple cleaning lances with one pump without the need for liquid bypass eliminating the need for unloader valves or pressure regulating valves, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced water consumption. A finer-grained control is also made possible by enabling the operator to throttle the pump via the lance trigger to easily adjust the pressure to suit the particular cleaning needs.

Find out how you can save costs with the Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump for high-pressure cleaning. Phone: 01252 816847 or email:


Simple “plug & play” solution

  • Pump and motor set
  • Lances
  • Fixed installation


Save energy costs with the Hydra-Cell Intelligent Pump. Phone to find out more: 01252 816847 or email:


Hydra-Cell seal-less design delivers real cost reductions

  • 10+ year’s service life and minimal maintenance
  • Up to 90% energy efficiency
  • No dynamic seals or packing to wear, leak or maintain
  • High reliability when pumping corrosive, aggressive, or liquids with particles
  • Liquids are 100% sealed from the atmosphere
  • Resistant to abrasion when using recycled water or grey water
  • Can run dry indefinitely
  • No oil contamination in the wash water
  • Flow controlled by pump shaft speed gives more accurate and reliable control of flow rate
  • The 5 diaphragm pump head gives a virtually pulse-less flow: increasing accuracy, no need for discharge pulsation dampers and compact size

Hydra-Cell seal-less pump technology