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Paint and Coatings


Hydra-Cell pumps are used not only by users of coatings, but also during the manufacture of coating materials

In coating processes, thickness control is important. The Hydra-Cell is a true positive displacement pump with a unique design in which multiple hydraulically balanced diaphragms flex in sequence to provide the pumping action. Flow is virtually pulseless, with steady state accuracy better than +/- 1%, delivering a smoothly consistent supply of coating material to the spray nozzles. The pumping action is also low-shear. The complex chemistries of a coating material are not degraded by its passage through the pump.

Another advantage over traditionally used AOD pumps is that the Hydra-Cell can work at higher pressures, allowing more flexibility.

Electrically driven (saving the cost of compressed air) Hydra-Cell pumps are exceptionally energy-efficient – giving energy cost savings of more than 60% as compared with an AOD pump delivering the same volume of material.

Hydra-Cell pump technology has proved equally valuable for the paints and coatings industry at manufacturing stage – with a variety of transfer, metering and other process applications as well as pre-disposal treatment of waste product and cleaning of tanks and mixing vessels.

In each of these applications Hydra-Cell has often provided an alternative to an established pump, and outperformed it.

See below for application examples from information supplied by customers



  • Spraying
  • Solvent cleaning