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Liquids commonly sprayed in emission control systems, for example lime slurry for removal of sulphur oxides, and ammonia or urea for NOx control, are typically abrasive or non-lubricating and are not easy to pump reliably and accurately over the continuous duty periods required. Pumps reliant on mechanical seals, such as piston-plunger pumps, centrifugal pumps and progressing cavity pumps, are not ideally designed for handling liquids with these properties because the dynamic seal is always a potential point of wear.

By contrast, there are no dynamic seals in a Hydra-Cell pump, whose design, enables it to handle virtually any liquid – including abrasives, slurries and low-viscosity non-lubricants - with no difficulty. Moreover the pump also offers high presssure capability, simple accurate VFD flow control, wide turndown range, smooth flow and sustained low-maintenance performance – as proven in power generation plants around the world.

NOx and SOx control are by no means the only applications for Hydra-Cell pumps in the power industry. Gas turbine inlet fogging, where a cooling mist of DI water (a non-lubricant) is sprayed into the air intake, is one example where the Hydra-Cell has been preferred to piston pumps.

Hydra-Cell’s seal-less design also makes it ideal for pumping the non-lubricating liquids used in ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) energy recovery systems now being developed.

For metering water treatment chemicals, or other applications where the alternative may be a traditional metering pump, the Hydra-Cell offers space-saving compact design, lower acquisition cost, reduced energy and maintenance costs and virtually pulseless flow, eliminating the need for pulsation dampeners.

See below for application examples from information supplied by customers



  • Spraying chemicals for emissions control
    • Urea, ammonia
    • Lime slurries
  • Gas turbine inlet fogging
  • Transfer of non-lubricating liquids in energy recovery
  • Metering & dosing water treatment chemicals

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