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Steel Industry


Seal-less design, simple build, rugged construction, reliable high-pressure performance and more efficient use of energy are some of the features that have enabled Hydra-Cell pumps to displace traditional pumps over a wide range of applications in the steel industry. They include product and machinery cleaning, handling of waste streams and steam temperature control.

Unlike piston-plunger and gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, progressing cavity pumps and other commonly used types, all of which are potentially vulnerable to seal wear and require frequent maintenance, the Hydra-Cell has no dynamic seals in its design. All wetted parts are 100% isolated from the lubricated drive end of the pump by unstressed hydraulically-balanced diaphragms that provide the pumping action.

Features like these enable the Hydra-Cell pump to handle recycled water in high-pressure cleaning operations such as roll cleaning and cleaning of continuous strip after rolling – outperforming alternative pump types and offering significant energy and other cost savings as compared for example with multi-stage centrifufgal pumps.

In steam conditioning and other applications where a metering function is required, Hydra-Cell pumps are easily and accurately controllable by electronic adjustment of a VFD motor. Pumping the conditioning liquid is no problem as the pump can handle virtually any liquid including non-lubricants like DI water (a potential problem for seal-reliant pumps that depend on the liquid itself to lubricate their seals.)

See below for application examples from information supplied by customers



  • Roller cleaning
  • Strip steel cleaning
  • Steam line conditioning