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Hydra-Cell® Pumps in Downstream Applications


Keep your processes producing for a more sustainable future - safely, reliably and efficiently with lower energy usage, 100% leak-free, reduced maintenance for a lower total cost of ownership.


Hydrocarbon Low Volume Transfer Pumps


Accurate Dosing of Propane & Propylene Mixture

Accurate Dosing of Propane & Propylene Mixture

A large Hungarian Oil & Gas company needed to dose a Propane & Propylene mixture into two distillation towers in order to separate the two components within one of their refineries. The distillation points of the two hydrocarbons are very close together, therefore the temperature of the distillation column is critical and great care has to be taken on the flow rate of mixture injected - accuracy of flow rate is paramount.

Installing a Hydra-Cell® pump in this duty met all the challenges posed - and it is still successfully running many years later.

Process Challenges

  • Very accurate control of discharge flow rate
  • Safe containment of Propane/Propylene mix

Hydra-Cell® Pump Advantages

No Seals. No Packing.

  • Pumped liquid 100% contained, zero leakage

Multiple Diaphragms in a Single Pump Head

  • Smooth discharge flow rate - extreme accuracy and repeatability
  • Constant compression ratio - accuracy maintained over a wide flow rate range
  • Elimination of pulsation dampeners and variability they introduce to the process