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Hydra-Cell® Pumps in Downstream Applications


Keep your processes producing for a more sustainable future - safely, reliably and efficiently with lower energy usage, 100% leak-free, reduced maintenance for a lower total cost of ownership.


Hydrocarbon Sampling Pumps


5+ Years Trouble-Free Service in Hydrocarbon Sampling

 5+ Years Trouble-Free Service in Hydrocarbon Sampling

One of the largest refineries in the world has many requirements for hydrocarbon sampling pumps to ensure their processes and products meet all standards. An important part of ensuring product quality.

Many Hydra-Cell® pumps are installed on site in sampling duties, some running 5+ years without maintenance or servicing.

Process Challenges

  • Reliable pumping a wide variety of low viscosity, non-lubricating hydrocarbons
  • No emissions or leakages to meet environment and safety standards
  • Suspended solids from corroded pipelines can damage many pump technologies

Hydra-Cell® Pump Advantages

No Seals. No Packing.

  • Reliable pumping of non-lubricating, very low viscosity hydrocarbons
  • Pumped liquid 100% contained - zero leakage
  • Run dry indefinitely
  • Reliable handling of hydrocarbons with suspended solids

Multiple Diaphragms in a Single Pump Head

  • Smooth discharge flow rate