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Chemical Dosing


Ethyl Mercaptan - Putting the Smell in Gas

Ethyl Mercaptan - Putting the Smell in Gas

Pumped into odourless natural gas, ethyl mercaptan gives it a distinctive smell that can be the first indication of a gas leak. But accurate dosing is essential. Too much odorant is not only very unpleasant but can also be toxic.

Mag drive gear pumps were originally used but they were working near the limit of their maximum pressure capability and unable to pump accurately at the very low flow rates specified.

Hydra-Cell® G20 pumps gave accurate dosing even at these flow rates, and offered a range of material options, including the stainless steel construction preferred by the customer.

Process Challenges

  • Handling corrosive liquids reliably
  • Accurate flow rate

Hydra-Cell® Pump Advantages

No Seals. No Packing.

  • Ability to handle corrosives

Design Flexibility

  • Compact size
  • Wide range of materials of construction
  • Pressure capability
  • Accurate and consistent delivery

Cost Savings

  • Cost savings due to pump size in relation to unsatisfactory alternative units