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Hydra-Cell® Pumps in Oil Processing Applications




Proven Reliability in High Speed Diesel Sampling

Proven Reliability in High Speed Diesel Sampling

Crude/Oil sampling is a critical quality control process in Up and Midstream operations. A reliable sample feed and return pump is very important. With 1,000’s of Hydra-Cell® pumps installed in major Oil & Gas companies around the world, our reliability is proven.

Process Challenges

  • Handling a variety of different hydrocarbons which have very poor lubricating properties & may contain suspended solids
  • 100% containment of hydrocarbons to meet environmental and safety requirements
  • Handling metal particles in the sample from corroded pipelines

Hydra-Cell® Pump Advantages

No Seals. No Packing.

  • Pumped liquid 100% contained - zero leakage
  • Pumping mechanism remains undamaged from the corroded metal particles
  • High reliability minimum service requirements. Installed pumps running over 3 years without maintenance