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Reverse Osmosis


Hydra-Cell® Pumps in Water Management Applications


Reverse Osmosis


High Pressure RO Feed Pump for Offshore OEM Systems

High Pressure RO Feed Pump for Offshore OEM Systems

Drinking water for manned offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico is critical. An OEM specialising in RO units for offshore requirements needed a very reliable high pressure feed pump for their OEM systems - especially for their lease systems as any costs where incurred by the OEM, not the end users.

They achieved this by using Hydra-Cell®  G35 pumps.

Process Challenges

  • Reverse osmosis feed water is very corrosive, with an increase in corrosive nature by the warm gulf ambient
  • Energy usage needs to be minimised
  • Reliability needs to be very high
  • Large variation in inlet pressure to RO system

Hydra-Cell® Pump Advantages

No Seals, No Packing.

  • Corrosive feed water handled reliably
  • Elimination of seal and packing maintenance
  • No critical fine filtration needed to protect the pump
  • Run dry indefinitely
  • Inlet pressure from -0.5 to 34 barg

True Positive Displacement Pump

  • Minimised energy usage