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Application Knowledge Base


Application Knowledge Base


Hundreds of thousands of Hydra-Cell® pumps are in service in many applications, in many industries around the world. Getting involved with customers processes and understanding their needs and goals, Wanner engineers have built-up an extensive knowledge of applications. This knowledge and experience can be used to help new customers meet their specific challenges.

Supporting you locally

Wanner International's team of engineers and business managers have over 100 years of combined industrial technical experience with backgrounds in hydraulics, mechanical and electrical systems. Combined with a network of local partners in many countries, with long histories supporting customers pumping requirements, gives customers access to a large application knowledge base.

The Wanner team, along with our partners, have a great passion to help customers meet their pumping challenges. Combining the Hydra-Cell® pump's unique advantages with application knowledge and a passion to improve processes is how we best support customers.


Helping to improve your process

  • Smooth, accurate metering and dosing of chemicals
  • Pumping slurries and abrasive liquids
  • High pressure cleaning, chemicals and hot liquids
  • Process sampling
  • High pressure spraying super-saturated liquids and slurries
  • Hydrocarbon condensates LPG & NGLs
  • Reverse osmosis / UHP RO & filtration
  • Shear sensitive liquids - Polymer injection
  • Steam generation
  • Spray coating with abrasive liquids
  • High pressure liquid chromatography