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No Seals No Packing


Our Technology Advantages - Creating Real Value for Our Customers


No Seals. No Packing. API674 Pumps


Reduce Service & Maintenance Costs


A large contributor to the operating cost of a pump in a system is the service and maintenance (unscheduled repair). In pumps with dynamic seals and packing, this can be a significant cost and rise quickly with non lubricating, corrosive or with liquids containing suspended solids. This process condition has led to many customers switching to a Hydra-Cell® pump from using Gear, Progressing Cavity, Plunger, Multistage Centrifugal and Lobe pumps. The Hydra-Cell pumps  No Seal No Packing  design reduces service and maintenance costs dramatically leading to the lowest total ownership costs.


Handling Abrasive Liquids with < 800 Micron Solids


The presence of suspended undissolved solids in a pump liquid is more common than you may think.

  • Supersaturated liquids used in spray drying
  • Resins and Isocyanates, caustic, phosphate and acidic solutions can form very small hard crystals when exposed to humidity or air
  • Solids pick up from corroded pipes and tanks

It is often the small, sub 5 micron solids that do the most damage to dynamic seals and are very hard and expensive to filter out.

Seal flushing is eliminated saving cost of installation and running costs.

The Hydra-Cell® pump's seal-free and packing-free  design, combined the special valve design, ensures reliability when pumping liquids with suspended solids.



Non Lubricating Low Viscosity Liquids


With no dynamic seals in the pumped liquid, the Hydra-Cell® pump does not rely on the properties of the liquid to:

  • Lubricate the pumping action
  • Form a seal to maintain pressure

This results in the Hydra-Cell® pump's ability to pump very thin, non lubricating liquids at high pressure reliably.


Run Dry Indefinitely


The pumping action of the Hydra-Cell® pump does not need the liquid to lubricate seals or packing during the pumping action enabling it to run dry….forever.

The Hydra-Cell pump can survive mistakes made by operators running the pump without liquid. 



Corrosive, Aggressive Liquids


There are many common corrosive liquids used in industrial processes such as Hydrochloric, Sulphuric, Nitric acids, De-ionised water. But also common liquids can become very corrosive as the temperature increases - so even water at 90° C  becomes a corrosive liquid.

The Hydra-Cell® pumps  seal-free packing-free   design makes it an ideal choice for handling corrosive liquids:

  • Pressure injection
  • Transfer
  • Metering and dosing

No Crank Lubricator Required


The Hydra-Cell® pump's crank case is immersed in oil and kept completely separate from the process liquid. This means that no external forced lubrication is needed, saving money on installation and running costs. It also makes the Hydra-Cell® pump is environmentally friendly.

On the suction stroke the Hydra-Cell® pump's plungers are not subject to loading, eliminating the need for crank lubrication, especially with high suction pressures.

Less frequent oil changes are also needed saving cost and the environment!