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Precision cleaning of parts, with reclaimed water

When a California-based OEM manufacturer of parts washers had trouble with the piston pumps it was fitting as original equipment, the company was offered an attractive alternative pump – the smoother, quieter Hydra-Cell M03. The OEM was dissatisfied with the noise, vibration and difficulty of repair associated with the piston pumps.

The company manufactures a portable, closed-loop unit for the precise cleaning of parts. It removes waste and recycles the cleaning water. The unit provides an environmentally safe solution to problems of cleaning and degreasing, offering efficient cleaning and EPA compliant capture of toxic substances. The system consists of a pallet that has side walls of 49" (1245 mm) and an interior size of 16 square feet (1.48m²) with a load capacity of 3500 lbs (1587 kg) and a non-skid entry ramp for heavy loads. It is in effect a box that holds parts for spray washing.

The unit utilises a precisely directable, high pressure stream of hot water and special cleaning agents at 160°F (71°C) for thorough and accurate high-speed precision cleaning. The water recycle system removes oil, dirt and toxic wastes to help the environment. The ozone treatment eliminates odour, prolongs equipment life and improves water clarity through ozone injection.

By changing to a Hydra-Cell pump that could provide high pressure operation, handle reclaimed water and pump abrasives, the parts cleaner manufacturer was able to dispense with a low pressure diaphragm pump used specifically to handle reclaimed water in the filtration system. The modified cleaning system is quieter, vibration free, and can still provide the necessary flows and high pressure for fast, precision cleaning.

Model: M03

Flow: 3 gpm (11.35 lpm)

Pressure: 1000-1200 psi (70-83 bar)

Regulator: C46


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