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Carbon black manufacturing

The manufacture of carbon black for ink involves one of the many reported pumping applications in which Hydra-Cell pumps are used for handling difficult liquids.  The basic  operation in this case is spraying petroleum by-products (feed stock) into an incinerator.  The incinerator has a very low level of oxygen in it; therefore, when the by-products are burned, combustion is incomplete and carbon is deposited on the inside of the vessel as carbon black. This is removed and used in inks and other black colorants.

Petroleum by-products are difficult to pump partly because they often comprise a variety of liquids, typically non-lubricating, which may also contain abrasive solids.  Such combinations can ruin cups, packing and seals.  Seal wear is accellerated at elevated temperatures, which may be as high as 170°F  (90°C) on this operation.  Hydra-Cell pumps, being seal-less, completely avoid  that issue.

Model:  G35
Flow:    105-110 l/pm (28-30 gpm)


Petroleum By-Products,