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Cleaning equipment OEM chooses Hydra-Cell pumps for reliability and high pressure

Vixen Surface Treatments, a leading UK manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, cites reliability combined with high pressure capability as chief reasons for installing Wanner Hydra-Cell pumps as original equipment in its spray washing machines.

Wanner has been supplying its Hydra-Cell pumps to Vixen for more than five years. Models used include the G03, G10 and G25 pumps, covering flow ranges up to 75 l/min and all capable of operating continuously at pressures of at least 70 bar. The G35, rated for operation at 83 bar and a max flow of 140 l/min, has now joined the list.

This followed successful trials in a new high-pressure Carousel cleaner being developed by Vixen for a particular customer application - cleaning the engines of earthmoving machines. (Picture)

Based in north-east England, Vixen manufactures thousands of machines each year – producing a wide range of standard and custom units that includes wet and dry blast machines, degreasing equipment and Jetwashers.

Many of the machines clean by water spray. A major benefit of using a high pressure pump for delivering water to the nozzles is that components do not need flooding to be thoroughly cleaned. Water usage is considerably reduced. Less chemical is required and very often an environmentally friendly chemical can be chosen in place of one which is very aggressive.

Pumping hot chemical solutions at high pressures is still a demanding application – but one to which the seal-less Hydra-Cell pump has proved equal.

Models: G03, G10, G25, G35


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