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TEG pumping in gas dehydration - continued success

German engineering contractor E.M.S. first chose Hydra-Cell pumps (G10 and G03) instead of previously favoured piston plunger pumps for the critical TEG pumping operations in gas drying plants built in Romania for Romgaz. The success of the pumps in that €24m project encouraged E.M.S. to install Hydra-Cell units on further gas projects in Romania and elsewhere – even in cases where initial specifications called for pumps from other manufacturers. A recent installation was at a large gas storage facility in Germany, where Hydra-Cell G35 pumps perform the TEG duty, delivering glycol at pressure to the top of absorber vessels to remove water vapour from the rising stream of gas.

Models: G-35

Flow: 43 l/min (11 gpm)

Pressure: 83 bar (1200 psi)


Tri-Ethylene Glycol,