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Hydra-Cell® Pumps in Downstream Applications - BTX Aromatic Processing Pumps


Keep your processes producing for a more sustainable future - safely, reliably and efficiently with lower energy usage, 100% leak-free, reduced maintenance for a lower total cost of ownership.


"Pulse-Free" Processing of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene

"Pulse-Free" Processing of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene

An oil refinery in the Kemerovo region of Russia with a forecast capacity of 6 million tons per year,is pivotal in the development of fuel and energy in Western Siberia. They needed a pump to feed BTX (Butane, Toluene, Xylene) into a catalytic converter. It was critical for the flow to be pulse-free as pulses can damage the catalytic cells.

The solution was found with a Hydra-Cell® pump.

Process Challenges

  • Pumping non lubricating aggressive solvents - keeping them 100% contained
  • Pulse-free flow to protect the catalytic cells

Hydra-Cell® Pump Advantages

No Seals. No Packing.

  • Pumped liquid 100% contained - zero leakage
  • Non lubricating low viscosity liquids pumped - safely & reliably

Multiple Diaphragms in a Single Pump Head

  • Smooth discharge flow rate
  • Elimination of pulsation dampeners - cost and maintenance saving
  • Elimination of excessive vibration and pipe strain