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Advanced Diaphragm Position Control - API674 & API675 Pumps


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Advanced Diaphragm Position Control (ADPC) - API674 Pumps


Protecting the Diaphragm from Closed Suction Line & Suction Line Vacuum Conditions


In normal operation the Hydra-Cell® diaphragms operate in hydraulic balance. If there is a restriction in the suction line of the pump the Advanced Diaphragm Position Control (ADPC) comes into play and protects the diaphragm from damage; obviously the discharge flow rate is effected.

If an operator runs the Hydra-Cell® pump by accident with a closed suction line isolation valve, the diaphragms are not damaged.

If there is a vacuum condition on the suction of a running pump the ADPC keeps the diaphragm safe from rupture.

Wanner first introduced this patented technology in 2003 and still continues to improve the designs and patents to improve the performance, security and peace of mind for our customers.


 Watch the Hydra-Cell® Q155 restricted inlet demonstration video


Self-Priming and Dry Suction Lift


The Hydra-Cell® pump can run dry indefinitely, this combined with the pump's ability to pull approximately an 80% vacuum gives the pump the ability to dry lift and self prime.


Wide Range of Suction Pressures


The standard Hydra-Cell® pump can operate from negative 0.5 barg to plus 34 barg, giving flexibility for many different applications and simplifying system design. For higher suction pressures please consult Wanner International.