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High Efficiency Pumping Action - API 674 & API 675 Pumps


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High Efficiency Pumping Action - API 674 & API 675 Pumps


Low Energy Consumption


Meeting challenges of Environmentally friendly low carbon footprint operation

Globally pumps in the industrial sector represent  approximately 25% of the energy usage, and in pump intensive industries as much as 50%.

Choosing the right pump technology to optimise energy usage is critical. The environmental issue is now very important to all; optimising energy usage has never been as important.

Compared to other technologies, the Hydra-Cell® pumps true positive displacement pumping action and minimal internal losses achieve high efficiencies as measured from pump shaft to hydraulic output power. This combined with the wide range of flow rate controllability ensures optimum energy usage.


Constant Flow Rate Independent of Discharge Pressure


Many industrial processes require a consistent and controllable flow rate to ensure the quality of the product produced and to optimise cost of production, especially with expensive chemicals. The steady state accuracy of the chosen pump must be very good and be consistent from day 1 to day 100.

The Hydra-Cell® pumps minimal internal losses ensure a consistent flow rate. With no dynamic seals or packing these internal losses stay minimal during use, unlike pumps with internal dynamic seals. This is especially important when pumping liquids with suspended micron size solids.


Accurate Control of Flow Rate by RPM Over a Wide Range


Industry 4.0 & “Big Data” are driving process improvement and optimisation. Pump users are demanding more flexibility and controllability from their pumps to improve and optimise process for:

  • Energy usage
  • Overall cost optimisation of process
  • Quantity of product

The Hydra-Cell® pumps ability to control flow rate from 0 to maximum flow by simply controlling the pump RPM, independent of pressure meets these new challenges.


Ability to Handle Viscous Slurries <20,000 cps


Viscous slurries with suspended solids can create very heavy maintenance for pumps with dynamic seals, especially if the solids are hard and 10 micron in size; this can result in monthly maintenance for pumps with dynamic seals or packing.

Thanks to the Hydra-Cell® pumps seal-free, packing-free design, combined with a wide selection of materials of construction means that the pump can pump many liquids which destroy other pumps.

Existing pumps are easily upgraded with more abrasive resistant materials.


Low Shear


Shear happens in a liquid when you have different parts of the liquid moving at a different velocity. The larger this difference the large the shear.

A low shear pumping action is very important in many applications:

  • Milk concentration
  • Polymer metering & injection
  • Food oils
  • Liquid suspensions
  • Water/oil liquid separation

The Hydra-Cell® pump's gentle pumping action, combined with specially designed valves, minimises shear and in back-to-back tests with other technologies has shown to be the technology with the lowest shear.


Unique Valve Design


Extensive FEA (Finite Element Analysis) in check valve design ensures optimum performance:

  1. Lowest NPSHr
  2. Lowest shear rates
  3. Long valve life
  4. Reliable high speed operation
  5. Reliably pumping viscous liquids
  6. Reliably pumping liquids with suspended solids

Application Flexibility


The Hydra-Cell® seal-less pump technology creates quantifiable user value in many applications; this can maximise the investment made by being productive in many processes.

The simple liquid end design coupled with a wide choice of materials of construction means that an already owned Hydra-Cell pump can be reconfigured to pump different liquids helping to reduce investment costs.