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High Efficiency Pumping Action - API 675 Pumps


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High Efficiency Pumping Action - API675 Pumps


Low Energy Consumption


Meeting challenges of Environmentally Friendly Low Carbon Footprint Operation

Globally pumps in the industrial sector represent approximately 25% of the energy usage, and in pump intensive industries as much as 50%.

Choosing the right pump technology to optimise energy usage is critical. The environmental issue is now very important to all; optimising energy usage has never been as important.

Compared to other metering & dosing pump technologies, the Hydra-Cell® pumps true positive displacement pumping action, minimal internal losses and especially the multiple diaphragms achieving very low pulse flow result in smaller drive motors and reduction in energy usage of sometimes up to 50%. This combined with the wide range of flow rate controllability ensures optimum energy usage.


Constant Flow Rate Independent of Discharge Pressure


Many industrial processes require an accurate, consistent and controllable flow rate from a metering & dosing pump to ensure the quality of the product produced and to optimise cost of production, especially with expensive chemicals. The controllability of flow rate and the steady state accuracy of the chosen metering  or dosing pump must be very good and be consistent from day 1 to day 100.

The Hydra-Cell® metering & dosing pumps minimal internal losses ensure a consistent flow rate. Very low pulse flow from the multiple diaphragms eliminates pulsation dampers from the system, removing a flow rate process variable and ensuring a more consistent process.


Accurate Control of Flow Rate by RPM Over a Wide Range


Industry 4.0 & “Big Data” are driving process improvement and optimisation. Pump users are demanding more flexibility and controllability from their pumps to improve and optimise process for:

  • Energy usage
  • Overall cost optimisation of process
  • Quantity of product

The Hydra-Cell® pumps ability to control flow rate from 0 to maximum flow by simply controlling the pump RPM, independent of pressure meets these new challenges.


Ability to Handle Viscous Slurries


With a wide range of abrasion resistive materials for construction coupled with unique valve design viscous slurries can be handled reliably.


Constant Compression Ratio


Having a good compression ratio effects the volumetric efficiency of a metering and dosing pump. That is the ability to deliver a constant volume of liquid from the pump discharge.

The stroke length of the Hydra-Cell® metering & dosing pumps remains constant as the discharge flow rate varies, ensuring a constant compression ratio and therefore a constant volumetric flow rate. This means that linearity and repeatability are constant over very large turndown ratios.


Effective Clearing of Entrained Gasses


The specially designed liquid flow path allows easy priming and effective clearing of liquids which outgas.


Watch the video - Hydra-Cell® Clearing Entrained Gasses