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Cold Liquids


Just as high temperatures can affect the physical properties of a liquid by lowering viscosity, low temperatures have the opposite effect – in extreme conditions making the liquid sluggish and difficult to pump.

Hydra-Cell pumps are widely used, indoors and out, on many applications where ambient temperatures are sub-zero, and foil heating wrapping or other measures are sometimes employed to protect pumps and keep the system running smoothly. But it is also helpful that the design of Hydra-Cell pump itself enables it to operate at temperatures well below zero.

Pumping applications where the pump is required to run outdoors while handling liquids at minus 10°C or lower are not uncommon. On some systems the pumps are handling much lower temperatures – as with an outdoor pumping installation at a Finnish chemical plant where the ambient temperature ranged between minus 30°C and plus 30°C. The pumped medium was a non-lubricating liquid with particles in suspension. Two years after the first pump was installed, two additional Hydra-Cell pumps were put in on the same duty. All were later reported as running well.


See below for an application example from information supplied by a customer.


The Hydra-Cell Advantage

  • Elimination of seal maintenance due to aggressive hot liquids
  • No dynamic seals to be damaged by non-lubricating hot liquids
  • No high speed rotating parts with dynamic seals in contact with process liquid
  • Simple construction - 
    • Simple service can be carried out without removing pump from installation
    • Larger models have been specially designed so that no heavy lifting equipment is needed to carry out liquid end service
    • No special tools or techniques are needed to carry out maintenance
    • No tight tolerances to maintain or set