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Control Technology

Simple installation and trouble-free operation.
Increase productivity and drastically reduce downtime


Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps with Intelligent Pump Control™ (patent pending)

Simple installation and trouble-free operation

Simple “plug and play” solution

  • Pump
  • Motor and integrated controller
  • Compatible with CNC communication protocols
  • No external sensors

Ultimate controllability independent of coolant type

Optimise your machine tool processes and increase productivity with Hydra-Cell for consistent delivery of coolant for consistent processes.

Hydra-Cell seal-less, high pressure coolant pumps with Intelligent Pump Control™ (patent pending) automate and integrate performance data monitoring for full control, maximum efficiently, reliability and cost savings.


Optimise performance for optimised energy savings

Variations in tool size require different coolant flow rates, with Hydra-Cell’s solution the coolant is only delivered exactly when it’s needed in the exact quantity and at the exact pressure.

Significant energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved:

  • eliminates the need for coolant bypass
  • dramatically reducing coolant heating saving energy on chiller units

Consider an example of a machining operation which is using three different tools which require three different coolant flow rates to achieve a process coolant pressure of 40 bar. 50% energy savings are achieved just on pumping the coolant. Further energy savings are made by reduced use of the chiller.

Control and Management

  • Consistent delivery of coolant for a consistent process
  • Open loop control – no need for pressure sensors
  • Pressure and flow rate setting and monitoring – no sensor needed
  • Programme different pressures for different tools for different processes set by CNC machine main programme
  • Set-up automated alerts for regular service intervals to optimise productivity

Increase productivity and drastically reduce downtime

  • Pre-programme service intervals for performance reliability and maintenance prevention
  • Set-up fault diagnosis alerts to detect adverse conditions to reduce downtime

Digital data management and integration

Pump performance data monitoring and reporting digitalised and integrated within your CNC machine data management system.

  • Compatible with communication protocols: ProfiBUS, ProfiNet, EtherNet IP, EtherCat, CANopen, DeviceNet and Setpoint Converter.

Energy Saving Comparison