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Hydra-Cell High Advantages for Machine Tool Applications


Turning and Milling


No Problem Machining Cast Iron with Hydra-Cell
Machining cast iron generates a large amount of dust and fine powder, and when combined with machine tool coolant is difficult to filter out, creating issues for screw pumps.

It is the sub 20 microns particles which causes the damage to screw pumps! Hydra-Cell’s seal-less design can handle these solid loaded coolants reliably.

Long life and minimal maintenance costs
Any servicing is simple. With no dynamic seals wearing or tight internal tolerances to set or maintain, servicing can be carried out in any basic workshop. Depending on the duty, an annual oil change, and typically once every 2-3 years to replace a liquid end kit (only €300 to €700 depending on specification) is all that is required. A true “fit and forget” solution.

Energy efficient and reduced energy costs
Being a true positive displacement pump, the seal-less design of the Hydra-Cell pump eliminates internal flow losses giving overall efficiencies of 78% - 90% (pump-shaft to hydraulic power) resulting in significant energy savings; with no dynamic seals, this is consistent year after year.